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While some places specialize in addiction treatment and others prioritize mental health, our facility is uniquely equipped to treat both

Patrick O'Keefe <br> <img style="width: 20%;" src="">
Patrick O'Keefe
Google Review Stars
5 Months Ago
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Amazing place to start your journey in recovery, all team members are very compassionate and caring. They helped me plug in to a great sober support network. This is a place that truly cares and helps you build a bright future In your recovery. The stepping stone they provided for me definitely saved my life. The owner Adam Smith goes above and beyond to help all his clients.
Tony Gates <br> <img style="width: 20%;" src="">
Tony Gates
Google Review Stars
2 Months Ago
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Quality program. My therapist is awesome, the owner always has time to talk to me about anything, whether it’s personal or recovery related. The guys in leadership positions never fail to hold you accountable if you begin to veer off path. I don’t see anyone playing favorites and every clients needs and wants matter here. (Pic below is me climbing Mount Gaviota on the weekly activity with the group)
Keenan Broussard <br> <img style="width: 20%;" src="">
Keenan Broussard
Google Review Stars
a month ago
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This places has absolutely saved my life. The program is really high quality, the staff is out of this world, and the approach is stellar to say the least. This program is individualized in a way that meets all of your needs, both medically and spiritually. I have nothing but great things to say about this place. 11/10 would absolutely recommend. Thank you Santa Barbara Recovery for everything you’ve done for me. I’ve got my life back!
Adriano Cabreros <br> <img style="width: 20%;" src="">
Adriano Cabreros
Google Review Stars
2 Months Ago
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I can’t thank the case managers here enough (Specifically Matt and Grant) I was going through a really bad time in the beginning and they spent a lot of effort with me and now not only is my mood way better. They helped me change my life and helped me transition to the real world. If you are looking for a program I highly recommend this place.


We work with all major Out-of-Network Insurance Providers and Private Pay.

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Who We Are

Santa Barbara Recovery

Helping You Recover

At Santa Barbara Recovery, staying sober after treatment is just as important as getting sober in the first place. We are proud to offer one of the strongest and most comprehensive addiction treatment programs in the country


What We Do

Addiction Treatment Programs

After you or your loved one completes detox and residential addiction treatment, every effort should be made to continue the positive momentum built. Aftercare is essential for reducing the risk of relapse and boosting the chances of achieving long-term sobriety. We help each client by continuing clinical services in a safe environment while offering a high level of accountability.

Experiential Therapy

At Santa Barbara Recovery, you will take part in experiential therapy, which is a proven method to help you overcome your addiction. Experiential therapy employs a variety of therapeutic methods including art therapy, music and sound therapy, psychodrama and drama therapy, adventure therapy, movement, physical activity and sports, recreation and leisure activities in addition to traditional talk-therapy.

Holistic Approach

Santa Barbara Recovery is a healing place that approaches addiction treatment through a holistic lens. Our program helps clients recover from multiple addictions by using nature-based therapies and emotional healing work. Through therapy and spiritual development, we help clients find insight into the true causes of their addictions, so they can learn to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Sober Living

Our sober living program is designed with structure in mind. The house also provides a curfew, chores, and a drug test every week. These requirements help those in early recovery establish routines that will benefit them when they transition back into independent living.

We Help With:

Addiction Issues

Mental Health

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Our Approach


Comprehensive Psychiatric Care

At Santa Barbara Recovery, we specifically treat the connection between addiction issues and underlying mental health. Starting with assessment and diagnosis, our Doctor and Masters Level Clinical Team with shape an individualized treatment plan that is specific to your needs.


Somatic Experience Trauma Therapy

Somatic Experiencing is an evidence-based treatment method that helps trauma sufferers repair their nervous systems and cultivate a healthy life. This revolutionary field of healing trauma reconnects us with our natural capacity to heal and be resilient. It brings new hope to people who suffer from a lack of safety, helplessness and isolation, often caused by repeated or prolonged trauma.


Structure and Life Skills

We firmly believe that in order to achieve long term sobriety, individuals in our care must set themselves on a trajectory towards boundless personal growth. At Santa Barbara Recovery, we encourage and hold our participants accountable for all their basic life skills while encouraging them to embrace more important skills such as time management, goal setting and achievement, resume building, focus on the future, and financial sustainability.

How to Get Started

Call 858-758-9338 and talk to one of our admission specialists.

We'll verify your insurance coverage and complete a quick initial assessment

Start your journey to a new life. We're here to help.

What To Expect

Santa Barbara Recovery is a comprehensive treatment program designed to offer 24/7 support and accountability. Our program takes place in a comfortable, homelike setting. The purpose of treatment and aftercare is to help each individual work on issues that have held them back in the past while practicing a daily routine that works for their recovery. If this sounds like something that you’re looking for, give us a call! We are standing by and ready to help.

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