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Lacking the financial means to get the treatment you need can discourage many from relapsing. Thankfully, insurance for addiction treatment covers a wide range of treatment possibilities suitable for your individual needs. The following insights surrounding insurance for addiction treatment will give you a newfound confidence to achieve liberation from your strongholds.

At Santa Barbara Recovery in California, we offer affordable insurance for addiction treatment to make receiving high-quality healthcare accessible.

insurance for addiction treatment

Does Health Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, all health insurance is required by law to include some form of addiction treatment. This bill, enacted in 2010 was a godsend for individuals both with and without healthcare insurance. That’s because it extends high-quality treatment services to uninsured individuals who struggle with addiction. This enables treatment facilities and therapy institutions to provide affordable financing options and services for people who truly need them.

What are the Different Types of Insurance for Addiction Treatment?

There are a variety of addiction-based insurance plans. The best insurance for addiction treatment firmly depends on your recovery goals. Every plan has its unique specifications and coverage strengths dependent upon your personal needs. Here are the main types of coverage for treatment in Santa Barbara.

HMO plans are treatment programs offered by your primary care physician or hospital organization. This form of health insurance is the most financially friendly insurance. HMO gives you limited access to all the help you need from an out-of-market specialist with your doctor’s referral. However, if you decide to stick with in-network programs, flexibility is equally limited with minimal coverage options. Speak to an HMO insurance specialist to learn all of the opportunities provided within and outside the health maintenance organization network.

Preferred Provider Organization maintains optimal flexibility to meet your recovery needs. With PPO, there’s no shortage of treatment options or the duration your rehab requires. Though PPO has more expensive coverage costs, you gain access to full coverage on a broad scale with no referral necessary. For more in-depth information regarding the extent of PPO coverage plans, consult a verified insurance provider today.

Point of Service Plans, or POS for short, refers to a type of healthcare service with lower costs within your provider’s network. This means all forms of treatment conducted by physicians, clinics, and treatment programs within the network are discounted for your convenience. Again, as an extension of HMO coverage, this requires a referral from your in-network primary care physician.

Though made more accessible through the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid insurance for addiction treatment fluctuates per state guidelines. Almost every state has its own set of acceptance standards and coverage limitations. Doctors, treatment facilities, and local Medicaid services will be able to inform you of the specific opportunities in your area. Consult your local physicians for local guidelines on Medicaid capabilities.

How To Find Insurance-Approved Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Health insurance-approved drug and alcohol rehab centers are easy to find by consulting the appropriate sources. However, all too often, the sources for such inquiries are not made clear. The following methods specify how to find drug and alcohol treatment centers covered by your insurance provider.

The first and greatest place to start for seeking rehab centers covered by your insurance is your primary care doctor. Your physician should have all the details and connections to help you find the nearest and greatest facilities. They’ll be able to provide a variety of options centered around your budget. Your doctor and approved facilities will work together to ensure the most minimal out-of-pocket costs for your treatment.

Speaking directly with facilities in your area will quickly answer all your questions regarding insurance coverage extents and limitations. An on-site representative will fill you in on whether the facility supports your type of healthcare and how much can be covered. Be sure to confirm any facility details through your insurance representative to be sure everybody is on the same page.

Your insurance provider has all the options of coverage within and outside your network. For any uncertainties about specific treatment coverages and their duration, speaking directly with your insurance provider is the best bet. Not only will they confirm or deny any of your concerns. They’ll also give you the full extent of your options based on your coverage needs and requirements.

What To Do if Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Treatment

If for any reason, your coverage doesn’t cover all or some of your treatment needs, that’s not the end of the line. As mentioned, the ACA ensures additional coverage opportunities and financing options for those who can’t get the treatment their addiction requires. Your insurance provider and approved facilities work together to tie up the loose ends of your insurance limitations. Rest assured, there are additional options beyond what your insurance covers.

Why Do People Avoid Treatment?

People resist treatment for very understandable reasons. However, many of those reasons are false assumptions, unbeknownst to the individual in need of treatment. The following briefly entails some of the most common reasons people avoid treatment.

Many people avoid treatment out of fear of failing the rehab process. The truth is, that everyone progresses at different paces. That means there’s no failure in rehab as long as you don’t quit. Setbacks, like any struggle in life, are not failures. They are learning experiences.

One of the most wrongfully assumed reasons for avoiding treatment is the thought that it’s unaffordable. The reason numerous treatment financing options are accessible for insured and uninsured individuals is that we understand the importance of receiving the treatment you need.

This is a dangerous, yet very common reason substance strugglers refuse to get treatment. The self-denial of one’s dependent state can not only keep someone from getting necessary treatment, it can lead to fatal consequences. Depending on the circumstances, this may be an appropriate situation to stage a family intervention.

Santa Barbara Recovery is Eagerly Awaiting to Help You Achieve Sobriety

At Santa Barbara Recovery, your sobriety is our most sincere passion. The moment you reach out, we become your greatest support team throughout the insurance verification process.  We understand the struggles of addiction and work to make sure you get the help you need at the most affordable rates. Reach out to us to take that first and most important step of your sobriety journey.

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